2 things I have to learn from my kids…

Hi.  I was sitting quietlythis afternoon, observing my "me" time (will gist you about this in another post) when these 2 things dropped in my spirit. I decided to share immediately, so it doesn't get overtaken by other things 😉.  First, persistence (would I even call it that?). So Mr A, my first son, has … Continue reading 2 things I have to learn from my kids…



Hiiiiiiiii.  It's been a while (smiled as I typed that). The line is becoming a mantra...my very very very busy life. Hmmm. Anyways I'm glad I could snatch some money minutes (literarily) to do this post - on my phone 😝. Lol.  So I have gist. My kids school had their interhouse sports competition last … Continue reading RRRRUN!

Just. Do. It.

Ok. So you know how things change (or evolve) when you have an idea and you get right on to it (sometimes a little too fast)? Yeah...that's where I am right now. . . . What am I saying in all this? You have an idea or an instruction / direction from God to do something? Don't wait for whatever...Just Do It.